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UK Model Academy (UMA) is a platform providing opportunities for new aspiring models who wish to step into modelling  career or get experience in fashion, commercial and beauty modelling industries. We created a training platform for you to take the 1st step into modelling industry and to ensure you receive a full attention at the UK Model Academy.

At UMA workshop, we bring experience models on board to talk about life of being a model and also share their real stories in the model industry.



UMA team has a total of 15 years of experience in the industry. They have been providing education about fashion, beauty industries, modelling career, confidence building to become a stronger person and portfolio building. With a background in fashion, photography, beauty makeup and running a fashion magazine L'Affaire, we have a strong understanding of the industry needs.

UMA platform is suitable for all age groups. We grow with you to witness your success.

To Become A Model

If you landed here, it means you have consider to become a model or building your confidence to become a stronger person.

To become a model takes more than being in front of the camera! It is about personality, expression, characters, creativity and strong presentation that key designers, creative directors and photographers are keen to work with.

You may ask yourself if you do need a training to become a model! Our answer is YES. Everyone needs some kind of training, education and guidelines to start their career. Training and portfolio is your investment for your future career in the modelling industry. If we look back in history of fashion that many super models been featured, each and every successful commercial model have received some sort of formal training and support that grow in their characters, from posing to display different expression, yet many new models believe that by simply showing up on the set, they are a model. The truth is, it’s not so simple! Therefore, as with any professional career choice, training, teaching and clear understanding, are absolutely vital components for commercial success in modelling.

What To Expect from UMA

  • You will be coached to walk on a catwalk, expression, body posture and posing for all type of modelling in fashion, commercial and beauty industries.
  • We will educate you about how to approach model agencies, how to market yourself as a freelance modelling and how to interact with other professionals in this industry.
  • Experienced model will share her insights about her personal experience in the industries and answer all your questions.
  • Professional photographer will direct you on the right way of working with other photographers, safety and take the best images for your portfolio.
  • Makeup and hair stylist will guide you on how to look after your skin and hair to make sure that you look your best at castings and modelling jobs.
  • Our workshops are available in group session or personal (1 to 1) training.

We are here to take you out of your comfort zone and deliver a different part of your character. Are you up for the challenge?