Training & Consultation


Modelling isn't just about the way you look, it is also about having a great personality and a great attitude. Useful guidance will help you make the most of your chosen career. The modelling industry is highly competitive  and it is  likely that you will have to learn to learn to deal with rejection before you find success. This is where UMA comes along to help you through these difficult early stages, show you the right people to go to and how to approach them. How to pose in front of the camera, how to work with your face expression and create characters.

We would help you to find different ways to approach an agency and how to decide which one suits you best. How to build your portfolio if you don't have one, how to work with other professionals and models and many more.

This session is up to 3 hours.

We welcome you to our studio and get to know you as we go along the session. 

Price: £199