Model: DANEA PANTA Interview with L'Affaire MAgazine

Can you tell us bit about yourself? When and how did you get into modelling?
My name is Danea Panta. I’m from Peru and 25 years old.Basically I get into modelling since I won Peru’s Next Top Model. I was doing modelling in Peru and also TV hosting but nothing so big.

How did your life changed after Next Top Model Peru 2013 show? What did you learn from it?
After the PNTM show my life changed a lot, first because I became a public figure so all my steps were exposed and second because I started to take my modelling career very seriously so I was living a model life 24/7.
PNTM was very intense; it was a reality show, so I learned a lot from there. I learned how pose, how use my body to express myself, change my facial expressions with each click of the camera because if you didn’t get the picture, judges can eliminate you in that episode.

What does modelling mean to you?
It is my life, my passion, my dream, my job, my everything. Everything that I have, everyone that I met, every city that I visit is thanks to the modelling. I learn a lot with my modelling career and it’s something that I’m very grateful for.

You’ve traveled and worked as a model all around the world. How different is the beauty perception in different countries or continents?
In Asia they like the models that look similar to them with little exceptions of course. In America they like the opposite- the exotic, the mix of the ethnicity and in Europe- a mix of everything. I think there is a market for everyone. And the modelling business is changing so much now. Now is other era where the physical beauty is not enough, you need something else, that X factor.

You became Miss Peru International 2016, how did you feel about it? What responsibilities came with a title?
Being a model and a beauty queen are two different things, even though many people say that it’s the same or similar; I would say no. For me it was a big challenge because when I decide to participate in this beauty contest my career as a model was in the best moment. The biggest responsibility is to represent your country and for Latino- America the beauty contest is like football for England- it’s a very important competition.

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