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Editorial Color Grading Styles

 Michael Woloszynowicz, Marie Bärsch, and Pratik Naik are all celebrated photographers and retouchers with years of published work to their names. They have chosen to work specifically with Capture One to create 7 Styles each that reflect their individual aesthetic. With their signature contemporary and timeless approach, they have created the Editorial Color Grading Style Kit. 

The wide variation of Styles provides countless possibilities to create professional and distinguished editorial images, be it fashion, wedding, portraiture, and any other genre of your editorial work.

A platform for weddings, events and portrait photographers

Everything you and your clients need in one platform.

Event scheduling, Guest lists & RSVPs, Photo sharing between guest, bride and groom, travel planning, direct communication with photographers and many more!


Personalised Wedding app

Photographer and host


Guest List Manager



Entourage List Manager


IMG_3269-145-Kamal Mostofi-Wedding_Kathy_Owen.jpg

Guest Photo Gallery

For host and guest

KMA12616-135-Kamal Mostofi-wedding-Monika-Edit.jpg

Photographer portfolio

BF4R0543-91-Kamal Mostofi-Wedding_Emmanuel_Marlyse-Edit.jpg

Get to know guest



Photographer Direct Contact

Host and guest

Kamal Mostofi-London-Bride-Wedding-1-2.jpg

Potential Client Manager



Photo cover page

Photographer, host and guest


Multiple Private Events


KMA13048-256-Kamal Mostofi-Wedding_Kathy_Owen.jpg

Client List Manager


KMA18379-501-Kamal Mostofi-Wedding_Emmanuel_Marlyse.jpg

Job List Manager


BF4R0626-423-Kamal Mostofi-Wedding_Emmanuel_Marlyse-Edit.jpg

Official Gallery

Photographer, host and guest


RSVP Manager

Host and guest


Capture One Editorial Color Grading Styles

What are the benefits of having The Good Weddings mobile app for my business?

  • A high percentage of the population use smart phone technology.

  • Apps keep your brand prominent in the market place, ahead of the competition.

  • Apps help increase customer retention and loyalty.

  • Users spends longer on Apps than on portfolio websites.

  • Connect with clients, provide more in-depth information and give users a better customer experience.

  • Apps usually load faster than mobile sites.

  • Mobile apps are available offline.

  • Once your clients use The Good Weddings App, you can stay connected wherever your clients are.


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Photographers membership packages:

TGW Basic Membership

  • Phone app portfolio gallery up to 200 images.

  • Client gallery: Upload 200+ images for each event/wedding.

  • Guest gallery up to 100 images for each event/wedding.

TGW Silver Membership

  • Phone app portfolio gallery up to 400 images.

  • Client gallery: Upload 400+ images for each event/wedding.

  • Guest gallery up to 200 images for each event/wedding.

TGW Gold Membership

  • Phone app portfolio gallery up to 600 images.

  • Client gallery: Upload 600+ images for each event/wedding.

  • Guest gallery up to 300 images for each event/wedding.

TGW membership includes all the above features and many more to come!

 The Good Weddings Album/Book will be launched soon!

Watch the space.

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